No couple would dream of getting a divorce after spending thousands of dollars on their dream wedding. Unfortunately, divorce is a common thing not only in the US but also in many parts of the world. While misunderstandings are normal in a marriage, some couples end up divorcing due to unsettled issues. In such cases, it may be a good idea to hire the best divorce lawyers to settle your divorce case.

Deciding to divorce your spouse can be one of the hardest decisions you would have to make. On one hand, it can be hard to leave a marriage where you have invested a lot in all aspects of your life. On the other hand, divorce may be the best solution if you think there is no point in continuing your marriage. Your bittersweet journey to divorce will start by finding reputable divorce lawyers.

Why is it important to choose the right lawyer?

Divorce can be a complicated case depending on your current situation. For example, you may have to settle child custody and support, and arrange visitation schedules as needed. Also, you would also have to agree on alimony and property and asset distribution. That said, you need to hire child support lawyers or spousal support lawyers who will help handle your case.

Lawyers, including divorce lawyers, differ in expertise. Some are more knowledgeable in corporate law while others in family law. Some may recommend mediation, but some lawyers may think otherwise. They also have their own set of beliefs, ideas, and principles in handling a case. This can affect how the divorce process will go.

As mentioned, divorce attorneys have their own set of expertise. Some are more knowledgeable in handling cases with child custody or adoption. On the other hand, some divorce attorneys do better in handling celebrity divorces. Because of this, you need to choose your lawyer carefully – one who will help you a lot with your specific divorce issue.

Getting started

Before choosing your divorce attorney, make sure to consider the following first.

Be professional.

By being professional, this means not letting your emotions get you when dealing with a divorce attorney. They will help you with your legal needs, not to listen to you whine and cry about your failed marriage. If you want your emotions to be heard, you should hire a therapist or counselor instead.

Focus on your end goal.

In the first place, you hired a divorce attorney to help you end your marriage legally. So, make sure to focus on that goal. Divorce can be an expensive affair depending on how much you will need to settle on your case. However, make it a goal to achieve as little financial damage as possible.

Think about whether you really need a divorce attorney.

There are other alternatives to the usual litigation process. For example, you may want to hire a mediator to help settle different aspects of your divorce including child custody and spousal support. Collaborative divorce encourages a civil relationship in co-parenting children. At the end of the day, you need to know what you really want to happen in your divorce case.

Tips on choosing the right lawyer

Here are some tips in choosing the right divorce attorney who will help you with your divorce case.

Have more than one option.

It is better to look for at least three attorneys, preferably those who specialize in divorce or family law. You will need one who has the needed expertise in your particular case (ex. military divorce, same-sex divorce, etc.) Also, make sure to know their rates so you can prepare your budget.

Be wary of red flags.

Most of the time, it is better not to trust anyone immediately including family lawyers. It can be tempting to get one just because you like what you hear. But just like anything else, their smooth-talking ways is part of their business. Make sure to choose one who will respect your privacy and focus only on their clients while the transaction is ongoing.

Trust your instinct.

If you feel that this lawyer won’t help you proceed with the divorce case, you might as well trust your intuitions. If the lawyer is often distracted by calls from his or her other clients, or has the tendency to raise their voices as if you are stupid, then it might be better to walk away ASAP.


Make sure to follow the abovementioned tips in choosing the right lawyer for your case. Hire top-rated divorce lawyers in Fairfax VA. Contact one today!