Getting married is no joke. Once you tie the knot, you and your significant other should work together to strengthen your union and make your relationship last. You would have to compromise sometimes and deal with disagreements. Nonetheless, marriage should be treated as a sacred thing and as a sign of respect to your partner and your vow.

However, not all couples end up happily ever after. Despite being married for several years, some couples end up hiring divorce lawyers and start the grueling process of divorce. As a result, a lot of young adults nowadays grew up with divorced, although this may not necessarily mean dysfunctional, families.

Marriage in the 21st century

The concept of marriage has been a lot different compared today. In fact, there are a lot of young couples who delay marriage and focus on their professional enrichment first.

Meanwhile, some couples prefer to cohabit and start a family before getting married. Apparently, these people wanted to “test” out whether they are compatible to live a married life in the future and to avoid hiring divorce lawyers later on. In hindsight, this can be a good thing – ensuring that everything in their lives are settled before jumping into the marriage wagon.

On the other hand, marriage during the 18th century usually means settling down due to economic reasons. People get married back then as early as their early teens, and usually with larger age gaps between the couple. However, divorce rates were higher back then unlike now. Hiring the best divorce lawyers is their last resort to end their marriage for good.

Nowadays, more and more people decide to get married out of love. Young adults today usually decide to get married in their late 20’s up to their 30’s. It is also said that millennials were the major driving force of declining divorce rates in the US since the 1980s.

These young couples also think that hiring spousal support lawyers are too expensive in case their marriage doesn’t work out. Hence, their decision either to delay marriage or opt for cohabitation instead. As a result, we can notice the declining marriage trend for the past few years.

Should we worry about the marriage rate drop?

As for the question above, it depends on who you ask. For conservative people who believe in traditional marriage, it might be a cause of alarm. As mentioned, a lot of young couples nowadays prefer to cohabitate first prior to marriage.

Our elders may have different views when it comes to cohabitation and prefers that couples should get married first before having children. It may have something to do with traditional beliefs, which may contradict with today’s more liberated beliefs.

Economically speaking, delaying marriage may offer some significant benefits. As mentioned, more and more couples evaluate themselves first financially and emotionally before they decide to get married. They do not want to hire family lawyers later on because their marriage failed.

Despite the declining marriage rate among young couples, a lot of them still want to get married someday. It seems that more and more young couples have already learned from the mistakes of past generations.

Advice for young couples before getting married

No couple wants to get married and then get divorced later on. No one wants to spend child support lawyers fees and deal with the tedious process of divorce. There are a lot of things that couples need to consider before getting married.

  • Love your partner, but don’t forget to love and not lose yourself along the way.
  • You will have to compromise at some point. There will be disagreements along the way. This is not the time to let pride swallow you up and affect your marriage due to petty reasons.
  • Love is not enough. There should also be respectful to your relationship. More importantly, you should stick to your partner through thick and thin despite adversities.
  • Have constant open communication with each other. Keeping things to yourself is one major reason for disagreements.

More than a grand wedding

A lot of couples spend on a grand wedding. There is nothing wrong with it since it is a once-in-a-lifetime event in a person’s life. But more than an extravagant wedding is putting that vow into your mind – in sickness and in health, in richer and for poorer, until death does they part. Hiring the best divorce lawyers in Fairfax should be the last thing in their minds if they want to have a successful marriage.