Everyone deserves a happy ending when it comes to love. Humans are capable of loving someone despite their imperfections. After all, it’s not true love if you cannot accept and learn to love a person no matter the circumstances are. There is no denying that being in love is one of the greatest feelings in the world, and to be loved by the person you love is beyond priceless.

However, not everyone is able to achieve their happily ever. For some reason, a lot of couples even those married ones end up separating for good. Divorce is a painful and tedious process, but it should be done for everyone’s peace of mind. Divorce lawyers are there to help the soon-to-be ex-couple with the paperwork and everything else to end the marriage.

When it’s time to move on

For one thing, going through a divorce is not an easy task. You need to hire family lawyers to help you settle legal matters. Dealing with divorce will some time depending on several concerns that you need to finalize and agree upon. These include child support, alimony, and asset distribution.

In such cases, you should hire spousal support lawyers or child support lawyers to deal with the legal and financial aspects of your divorce. More than those, you will have to deal with the emotional consequences of the entire divorce process. If you have been married for many years prior to divorce, it is most likely that you have received or given each other gifts.

Despite any ill feelings existing between each other, there will always be that feeling of sadness knowing that your marriage is about to end for good. No one looks forward to celebrating an unforgettable wedding, only to end up in divorce. Add to that are the gifts given to you by your spouse and your guests on your wedding day.

Which leaves you with the question: is it okay to return those gifts? For some, they are considering this option in order to move on from a devastating divorce. It is also a way to forget anything that will remind them of their failed marriages. With that regard, here is what experts say about this concern.

Should you return all of your wedding and ex-spouse’s gifts?

The short answer is that it depends. For wedding gifts, the ex-couple does not need to return those gifts given to them especially if it has already used. Obviously, it can be awkward to return used items from one of your guests and say that you don’t need it anymore because you’re divorcing.

Wedding gifts are also given out of goodwill and love for the couple. If it’s already used, there is no need to return them. But for unopened gifts, it may be advisable to return them out of courtesy. However, returning gifts from your ex-spouse is another story.

For one thing, it can be easier to return those gifts you got from your ex-spouses such as a necklace, ring, electronic gadgets, and other expensive valuables. But if for example, you have given a gift to an in-law out of sincere love – say, an expensive watch or necklace – it might be unethical to demand them to return it to you unless they give it back to you willingly.

How about making a profit out of post-divorce material possessions?

Divorce is indeed a devastating moment in a person’s life. The feelings can aggravate upon seeing those things that remind you of your failed marriage. Anyway, you can consult top-rated divorce lawyers to help you sort everything to finalize the divorce.

However, sorting material possessions that belonged to your previous married life is another story. While selling these marital possessions is not always a good idea, it can possible as long as it is done correctly. First of all, you need to wait until all of your possessions are legally divided and your divorce is already final.

However, the best divorce lawyers will advise you to talk to your ex-spouse and mutually agree in case you are planning to sell any item or property. Meanwhile, you might not want to sell anything that has sentimental value or can be useful in the future for you and your children.

Moving on after a divorce

Moving on from a devastating divorce is not easy. Some would prefer returning the gifts given to them, while others make extra money out of it. You can sell it online, run a garage sale, or sell it up for auction.

Regardless of your option, it should help you live life anew and start fresh with your newly-found freedom. For your legal and divorce-related concerns, you should contact the best divorce lawyers in Fairfax VA.