Being a parent is a dream by a lot of people. There are a lot of couples who are blessed with one or more children. Some waited for a couple of years before finally conceiving a baby. But for many couples, the idea of having a child to complete their family seems to be elusive up to now.

Unfortunately, infertility is one major cause of divorce. In fact, one Danish study revealed that couples who aren’t able to conceive have triple the chances of filing for divorce. Being in a childless marriage can take a toll on married couples who only wish to have their own child. Inevitably, these couples hire divorce lawyers to dissolve their marriage.

The truth about infertility

The same Danish study further revealed that fertility issues can be stressful for a lot of couples. In hindsight, infertility can make couples closer than ever. One likely reason is that they have more time to spend on each other despite issues on conceiving.

Still, infertility can be a major source of stress for couples who wanted their own children. It can lead to questioning one’s own health, blaming, and eventually leading to hiring family lawyers for a divorce.

Meanwhile, there are some couples who did succeed on conception but ended up in miscarriage for some reason. It can be twice as painful for these couples and can even affect their marriage. That is why experts suggest fertility clinics should have some kind of counseling to lessen discouragement among infertile

For these people, there can be options they can push through to have children. One is to undergo fertility treatments. However, such treatments can be expensive and won’t guarantee 100 percent success. Such failures can add insult to injury and trigger the difficult decision of divorce.

The adoption option

For those who find fertility treatments expensive, another option is to adopt. However, the adoption process may take some time due to specific requirements that you should comply with. There is also this common notion that only married couples can adopt.

The truth is that even single persons can be parents as well through adoption. You can consult family lawyers before legally adopting a child. In fact, there has been an increasing number of single people who chose to adopt a child.

This is different from single parents who recently got divorced and granted child custody. Child support lawyers can help soon-to-be-divorced couples settle child support and custody as amicably and civil as possible. Meanwhile, there are also single unmarried parents who chose to keep their children.

In other words, being a single parent is widely accepted nowadays. It depends on how you define “single parent”. Regardless, all people, regardless of their past, deserve to become loving parents to children whether blood-related or adopted. In return, children deserve a safe home, a healthy environment, and a loving family.

What single people should consider before adopting

Most single persons can be financially independent enough to sustain their personal needs. This also means that they have the capability to support another life. Still, you need to ask yourself if you are ready to adopt a child.

Why do you want to adopt a child?

There are reasons why people consider adoption. As mentioned earlier, it can be due to the inability to conceive after many years of trying. Some people consider adoption as part of their personal growth and commitment. Regardless of your reasons, you should be 100 percent up for it.

Are you financially capable of adopting a child?

Adopting a child is not only about because the child is charming. You should also consider the long term – from the child’s education, medical care, and other personal needs. Add to that are the adoption fees and other processing works that you need to take care of to complete the process.

Is your home family-friendly?

There might be social workers that will go to your home. It will help determine whether your home is family-friendly and safe for a child to live in. You might also be required to have a separate bedroom to accommodate the child.

A word of advice

Starting a family is a dream by many individuals. Unfortunately, not all couples end up happily ever after and hire the best divorce lawyers later on. Divorce lawyers can help divorcing couples to settle everything before it becomes final. Contact top rated divorce lawyers in Fairfax VA for any concerns.

Meanwhile, you don’t have to be married to be able to adopt a child. As long as you meet the abovementioned requirements, you can proceed on the adoption process. After all, children deserve the love and care of us adults, whether blood-related or not.