All families are unique. Some are childless, while others treat their pets as their own “children”. Some have one child, while others have a lot of children they could already form a basketball team. And then there are a lot of couples who long to have children but cannot due to some reason.

There are also a lot of children who live in dysfunctional or abusive families. Such domestic situations often lead to parents filing for divorce and hire the best divorce lawyers. Divorce can greatly impact one’s family life. More so, it can cause emotional and psychological trauma in children.

There are also a lot of things to consider in divorce. Soon-to-be-ex-couples should hire spousal support lawyers for alimony. Child support lawyers will also guide you regarding concerns about your children’s welfare following a divorce. In some cases, young children have to be given up for adoption due to uncontrollable circumstances.

When an adoption is an option

Not everyone is blessed with a child but wanted to have one for the longest time. That is why there are some people who consider adoption. It may take some time to finalize an adoption process. Nonetheless, adoption gives a child a chance to have a better life regardless of his or her past.

There are many reasons why there are people who opt to have their children adopted. One reason is because of traumatic instances (ex. rape, unexpected pregnancy) and opted to let the unborn child by another person instead. Or if both parents have died and there are no known relatives who can adopt the child.

Children deserve a better life regardless of their past. That is why there are adoption agencies where those interested parties can turn to. Before that, you should understand how an adoption process goes. You might also have to know the difference between open and closed adoptions.

It is still important to consider your children’s welfare during and after a divorce. You should hire experienced family lawyers to guide you with the divorce process.

Open and closed adoptions: What’s the difference?

For starters, open adoption occurs when there is communication between the biological and adoptive families. It can be through phone calls, email, or personal visitations. Contact with the biological family can also be through the birth parents, siblings, grandparents, and other direct relatives.

Not everyone may be open with this kind of adoption setup. It will depend on how comfortable both parties will be in the said setup. The birth parents usually have the final say who they choose to adopt their child. The adoptive parents can be a trusted relative or friend.

Meanwhile, closed adoptions are very much common before the 1980s. Back then, the pregnant woman would temporarily relocate, give birth, and come back home. The doctor who helped with the childbirth would look for an adoptive family without the mother’s knowledge.

Nowadays, open adoptions are more common than closed ones. However, there are still those who request limited to no contact with the birth parents. This is to prevent further complications and issues between both parties.

Open adoptions: Pros and cons

More and more families become more open to the idea of open adoptions. However, there are pros and cons you should consider in an open adoption.


  • The adoptees will have the answers they won’t have to ask and look for all throughout their lives. There will be open communication and be able to help them understand why they need to be put up for adoption.
  • The adoptees will also have a larger circle of support and family, thanks to their biological and adoptive parents.
  • The adoptees’ medical background or issues can be more accessible. This is important in case the adoptee needs some medical help in the future.


  • There can be potential issues or conflicts on both parties. That is why both parties should set expectations at the start of this kind of set up and avoid confusion on the adoptee.
  • There might be a possibility that the child might wish to be with his or her biological parents. As mentioned, this may cause conflicts between both families.

Seek legal help from professional lawyers near you

The adoption process may take some time to be finalized. Family lawyers can help you with the entire adoption process. If you are planning for a divorce, you should hire the best divorce lawyers in your area. Top rated divorce lawyers in Fairfax VA will help you through the divorce process.

Divorce can be one of the heaviest decisions you can ever make. However, your children’s welfare should be top of your priority list. At the end of the day, the last thing you want to happen is them to be taken away from you.