Navigating Through Financial Support and Job Loss During a Pandemic

COVID-19 has greatly affected people’s livelihoods, both employers and employees alike. Businesses have to close down especially those that are not considered “non-essential”. On the other hand, a lot of people also lost their jobs, if not temporarily paused, due to the pandemic. This has resulted in a rise in the unemployment rate. At the [...]

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Parenting in the Time of a Global Pandemic

As the COVID-19 seems to show no signs of slowing down, people have to keep themselves safe from contracting the virus. This means more families get to spend more time and bond with each other. It sounds ideal, picture-perfect even: mom and kids spend time in the kitchen and cook for the family. Dad, mom, [...]

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Is the Quarantine Ruining Your Marriage? Here are Tips to Prevent It From Happening

Just when you think you already know your spouse, you might have been in for a surprise. COVID-19 has left most people with no choice but to stay at home. This means you have to be cooped up with your children and your spouse. However, some reports revealed that in China, divorce filings slowly spiked [...]

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