Just when you think you already know your spouse, you might have been in for a surprise. COVID-19 has left most people with no choice but to stay at home. This means you have to be cooped up with your children and your spouse.

However, some reports revealed that in China, divorce filings slowly spiked during the quarantine period. Couples ended up hiring divorce lawyers later on as they realized they cannot stand their spouses anymore.

Hiring top rated divorce lawyers may not be the best thing to do for now. However, there may be a lot of couples out there who might be considering hiring the best divorce lawyers after the quarantine period.

The reality of married life amidst COVID-19

Funny as it seems, a lot of marriages are tested during this global pandemic. For one thing, not everyone has the chance to be with their loved ones while the pandemic is ongoing. For example, front liners (medical personnel, law enforcers, store cashiers, etc.) have to go to work and leave their families at home.

If you are with your family now, then you are lucky you get to spend more time with them. Now is also the time to get to know your partner more and spend time with him/her. But the truth is, it won’t be that easy. There’s no such thing as a perfect marriage and relationship.

At some point, you will get on each other’s nerves. Both of you might have been together for many years. You think that you already know everything about your spouse. However, this pandemic can prove you wrong. For many couples, being cooped up with their spouse can be their worst nightmare.

There are a lot of couples out there who are already struggling with their marriage even before the pandemic started. There are also many reasons why marriages crumble despite having a good start. Unfortunately, the situation might be even worse while the pandemic is ongoing.

Hiring child support lawyers or spousal support lawyers may not be the best option now since we are on quarantine. This entire experience can be frustrating and painful especially if you have been living with this for some time now.

Is there hope for your marriage during this quarantine period?

There is no perfect marriage. You and your spouse will have misunderstandings at some point. The anxiety and the uncertainty of what is happening right now will get into you. These can affect your mental health, and your relationship with your partner.

Family lawyers and other legal experts expect an increase in divorce filings after quarantine. In fact, it has already happened in China as mentioned earlier. If you are one of those feeling this way, you are not alone. This quarantine period has brought a roller coaster of emotions for most of us.

Also, the pandemic has made us realize a lot of things. It’s just a matter of how you are going to use this opportunity given to us. Will you use this time to strengthen your marriage? Or you have realized that your marriage is a complete mistake?

How to cope while on quarantine

It’s up to you how you want your marriage to end up after all of this health disaster. In the meantime, there are ways you can do to cope with the current situation. The following tips can help alleviate the stress and hopelessness you are feeling.

Be open to discussions.

You’re both adults now. That is why you should be mature enough to face the harsh reality of our current situation. Be honest with your money issues. Don’t let it be the reason for disagreements and even divorce. Make a plan together on how both of you will handle financial matters in these critical times.

Be more mindful of your actions.

It can be more stressful than ever. It’s not a good thing to be lashing out to your partner because you’re stressed and anxious. If you feel that way, have a time out and let those emotions dissipate. Be more loving and passionate with your spouse – everyone needs those more than ever.

Get busy.

Instead of slacking around all day, try being productive together with your spouse. Exercise, cook, and watch movies together. Schedule a house general cleaning. Try limiting watching news as much as possible as it can bring further stress. Connect with friends and family through social media or video conferencing apps.

Will this quarantine make or break your relationship?

Well, it’s up to both of you. Marriage is not always rainbows and butterflies. There will always be a fair share of frustrations and bliss.

In reality, not everyone has a happy marriage. The situation can be triggered further now that shelter-in-place is strictly implemented. Most likely some couples might hire the best divorce lawyers in Fairfax.

How about you? Do you think your marriage improved or worsened during this global pandemic?