As the COVID-19 seems to show no signs of slowing down, people have to keep themselves safe from contracting the virus. This means more families get to spend more time and bond with each other.

It sounds ideal, picture-perfect even: mom and kids spend time in the kitchen and cook for the family. Dad, mom, and children watch a movie together while eating pizza and popcorn. These things might be happening right now. But for others, these will all just be a dream.

The reality of parenting during the pandemic

Unfortunately, fights and conflicts became all too common in many families nowadays. There is also a high likelihood of spouses hiring divorce lawyers after the lockdown. It may seem too shallow, but this is a reality for many families around the world.

Back then, it was a normal thing for parents to spend more time at work than their families. This was also the same case as their children. They prefer spending more time with their smartphones than with their parents.

But everything changed when COVID-19 happened. A lot of parents found themselves out of the office and stuck in their homes. Being a working parent is a challenge, but being one while on quarantine is another story.

Perhaps a lot of couples found themselves stuck with each other. This is supposedly the time where they re-discover the reason why they fell in love with each other in the first place. Unfortunately, it was the opposite that was happening for many couples as of now.

Spouses hiring the best divorce lawyers is not new anymore. However, that ultimate decision to hire family lawyers during a global pandemic can be twice as agonizing. Unfortunately, the stress of married life can impact children’s lives as well.

The impact on children

Not only adults feel the immense stress of uncertainty brought about by the virus. Most people do not realize how the ongoing situation is affecting children as well. For one, small children may not completely understand why they are suddenly not to go outside and play at the park with their friends.

For some reason, children are also able to sense the feeling of stress and anxiety around them. It can also be overwhelming for children adjusting to their usual routines. Also, young children aren’t always articulate when expressing their feelings.

Unlike adults, children are not also developed yet to solve problems. As a result, their feeling of stress and anxiety can translate to tantrums and other unpleasant behavior. Such behavioral manifestations can also impact a lot of marriages. Couples who are contemplating divorce also consider hiring child support lawyers later on.

What parents can do for their children during COVID-19

This doesn’t mean divorcing couples don’t have their own personal struggles. It may not be the right time to hire spousal support lawyers due to the ongoing pandemic. This won’t be an easy decision, but their family’s future lies in that crucial decision.

Couples have the right to proceed with hiring top rated divorce lawyers. There may be valid reasons why they have to make one of the hardest decisions in their lives. However, parents should also consider their children’s welfare, especially during these uncertain times.

First of all, children see their parents as their safe haven. That is why parents should live up to their children’s expectations. How you treat your children will have an impact on their behavior as they grow up.

In fact, there are a lot of children who grew up with divorced parents, yet became responsible and loving people that they are. Here are ways parents can reassure their children in the midst of these uncertain times.

  • Explain what is happening using words that they easily understand. For example, encourage them to wash their hands so they won’t get sick. Let them understand why you need to make the house clean all the time.
  • Set up a new routine for your children. Let the kids enjoy staying at home and learning new things at the same time. For example, you can prepare and have breakfast with them, let them have their playtime. Encourage them to learn simple household chores, and then allot time for lessons and school work.
  • Make sure that you will be the first one they see in the morning and the last ones they see before they go to sleep. This will make them feel more secure and open with their emotions with you.


There is no doubt how the virus can make or break one’s family life. Some may end up hiring top rated divorce lawyers in Fairfax VA. But this doesn’t mean your married life will also be doomed during the pandemic.

It may depend on certain circumstances. At the end of the day, it is all about maintaining a good relationship with your children. In return, it is also about your children giving the same level of respect to you and your (ex)spouse.