It’s a nice feeling to love and be loved by someone who will eventually spend the rest of your life with. The next step is marriage and living happily ever after. But sometimes, happily ever after does not happen – at least for almost 40 percent of marriages in the US. These couples eventually end up hiring divorce lawyers to end their marriage for good.

This year also saw the increase in divorce while the world is in the midst of a pandemic. Experts coined this kind of divorce as “covidivorce”. In fact, the Chinese provinces of Shanxi and Sichuan reported a staggering number of divorce filings post-lockdown. The same case may also happen in many countries, or once the lockdowns ease up there as well.

Making one of the most difficult decisions

Ending your marriage can be one of the most difficult decisions you can ever make. Hiring the best divorce lawyers out there is a good idea. However, you should also consider several factors before consulting one. This includes years of experience, feedback from previous clients, and professional fees.

More importantly, you should also be prepared with a long and tedious process of divorce. It will literally eat your time, money, and emotions when dealing with divorce. You also have to agree on child custody, alimony, and asset and property distributions. If you have children, you should also have to explain what is about to happen.

That said, filing for divorce is no easy task. On a positive note, deciding the divorce may be for the best for you and everyone around you. Expect to experience some emotional breakdowns along the way, but you’ll get past it eventually.

What you need to do to start the divorce process

There are steps to be followed when proceeding to a divorce process. First of all, you need to hire top-rated divorce lawyers to guide you through the entire process. You can check out resources online, but it is best to hire family lawyers especially those who have been in the industry for years.

Divorce lawyers can help you with the entire case, or simply review the documents you have filed. The first step is actually crucial as it makes or breaks your divorce case, whether it will be granted or not.

The next step will be filing a petition against your soon-to-be-ex-spouse, or “complaint” as it is called in other states. The said complaint or petition should state in detail your divorce filing. It should also contain personal information such as your address, children’s names, and birthdates.

You should also include the reason why you are divorcing. It can be due to various reasons like adultery, domestic violence, or “irreconcilable differences”. Also, you should include what you want to happen once the divorce is granted. This includes visitation schedules, spousal support, property distribution, and child custody.

Other important financial documents that you need to have before filing for a divorce include:

  • Payroll/paystub statements
  • Insurance policies (ex. home, health, automotive, life, etc.)
  • Business documents (if you have your own business)
  • Debt statements (ex. student loans, mortgage, credit cards, etc.)
  • Billing documents (ex. utilities, rent, clothing, groceries, etc.)

Should you hire a divorce attorney or not?

A lot of soon-to-be-ex couples opt to represent themselves in divorce court instead of hiring child support lawyers. These people would usually rely on the Internet or self-help books to navigate through the process of divorce. It’s up to you whether you hire a lawyer or go ahead with the DIY divorce.

If you do decide with the latter, the following will help you decide to go the DIY route:

  • The intended divorce seems to amicable and both parties are willing to work collaboratively
  • You don’t have children within your marriage
  • You’re fine with filing the necessary documents and negotiating terms with your soon-to-be-ex-spouse
  • One of you is not hiring a lawyer
  • You are considering hiring a mediator instead of a lawyer

What happens upon filing a divorce form?

The divorce form will be served usually by a sheriff or any authorized personnel except you. Once filed, you will have to wait for your spouse to answer the divorce filing. In most states, a 30-day period is given for the defendant or respondent (depending on which state you are) to respond.

Both of you may need to face each other in court and settle the things stipulated in the divorce form. Better yet, you should hire the best divorce lawyers in Fairfax VA to help you with the divorce process.

As mentioned, it will take some time before you are granted a divorce. It is a personal decision that should benefit you and even your estranged spouse in the long run.