Being a lawyer and working under the legal profession usually get a bad reputation. It has been that way for some time now. But it is safe to say that working in this industry can be lucrative, to say the least. But even the best divorce lawyers out there would tell you it’s not an easy business out there.

Legal shows: Based on fact or fiction?

Most people get ideas of who lawyers are and what they usually do through TV shows and films. Some lawyers, often portrayed by good-looking actors and actresses, may either play a hero or an antagonist in such shows. But sometimes, we often get out of touch with what is real from fiction.

For one thing, it is true that working as family lawyers or divorce lawyers are anything but smooth-sailing. From the years spent on law school, getting a license, and dealing with legal cases, it can be both stressful and fulfilling.

Most legal dramas (or comedies) can be entertaining. But as mentioned, some of the portrayed situations may not really happen in real life. That is why we need to get to know what goes into a lawyer’s usual life.

Common misconceptions about lawyers

Unfortunately, lawyers are one of the most judged people in the world. Mainstream media is the major culprit, but at least we got our dose of entertainment. But as mentioned, we need to separate fiction from reality. Here are some of the most common misconceptions about lawyers.

Attorneys handle more than one case.

Lawyers who have been in the business for many years may be expected to handle more than one case simultaneously. On the other hand, on-screen attorneys usually handle only one case, and the TV show or film usually revolves around that case.

Hiring a lawyer may not always be as expensive as you think.

Well, it depends on the case. If it is a high-profile case (ex. The client is a popular celebrity, or the case is a controversial and news-worthy one), expect paying a huge amount of cash. Being a lawyer is a job, so it only makes sense for them to get paid for it.

Lawyers are also humans with normal lives.

Being a lawyer can be a stressful endeavor sometimes. Their schedules and their jobs can be hectic on most days. But like the rest of us, they are also humans with their own families to go home to, and bills to pay. Some movies and TV shows are able to portray the human side of lawyers, which is a good thing.

Real-life courtroom “dramas”

Ever wondered what really happens in real-life courtrooms? Here are some things that happen as compare to what we see on the screen.

Courtroom scenes can be surprisingly boring.

It is all too familiar to watch legal dramas with lawyers outwitting each other and clients shouting and making a scene. But this rarely, if not, happens in real life. The truth is that lawyers are trained to restrain their emotions while in their line of work. Also, court hearings in real life can be boring unlike those we see on TV and film.

Lawsuits are not always necessary.

A lot of people think that filing a lawsuit is always the solution for unsettled disputes. But the truth is that spousal support lawyers and child support lawyers will try to settle matters off-court. But if all else fails, a lawsuit may be the last resort.

Solutions are not always found last minute.

In real life, lawyers and the legal staff spend a lot of time studying and preparing for a case to come up with a feasible solution. There are also instances where the proposed solution doesn’t sit well with one or both parties. Nonetheless, top-rated divorce lawyers always find a way to think of solutions that will be mutually agreed upon by both parties.

Salute to our legal heroes!

It can take quite a while to get rid of those negative perceptions about lawyers. Even top-rated divorce lawyers in Fairfax VA is not exempted from such unnecessary judgments. At the end of the day, lawyers are there to help you with your legal concerns. No TV shows, movies, or even popular celebrities can come close to what lawyers do in real life.