COVID-19 has forced a lot of people to stay at home to prevent being infected with the said virus. For some, it has become a turning point in their lives which made them appreciate their loved ones more. But for others, the quarantine period has turned their lives into a living hell.

Some reports revealed a spike in divorce filings in the middle of the health pandemic. Distraught couples somewhat found a way to contact divorce lawyers to end their marriage. Spousal support lawyers and child support lawyers also saw the increase of filings from people seeking assistance regarding financial support during the divorce process.

Ensuring your safety through TRO

There are several reasons why people divorce. One of the major reasons is domestic violence. For one thing, no one deserves to be hurt physically and emotionally by their spouses.

More so, no one deserves to feel unsafe in their own home. When push comes to shove, it might be time to make a difficult decision to file a restraining order for your safety. In such a case, you can seek assistance from the best divorce lawyers regarding this one.

TRO, or temporary restraining order, aims to protect you from someone who is attempting to stalk or even harm you. This court order is granted by a judge to ensure your safety against that person. In this case, it can be your spouse. In some states, TRO is also called in other terms like injunction or order of protection.

What you need to know before filing for TRO

As mentioned, a TRO can ensure your safety against someone who is attempting to compromise your safety. Aside from a divorce, it can also be a good decision to file for TRO if your spouse continues to harass and threaten you with some form of violent action.

Once the judge grants you the TRO, the other person will be notified and restrained from getting near with you and your other loved ones. The TRO should ensure your safety from the abuser wherever you are.

When the abuser does not comply with the restraining order, you can seek help from law enforcers to remind him or her of the said TRO. If the person still does not comply, he or she can end up in jail.

Who can be slapped with a TRO?

The pandemic saw the rise of child abuse and domestic violence among families and couples. Add to that are several factors that affect a person’s mental and emotional well-being. This includes unexpected job loss, isolation from the outside world, and social disconnection.

These factors can trigger physical and emotional violence within the family. It is important to communicate with family lawyers if you think your domestic safety is compromised. In such a case, you can file for a restraining order against your present or ex-spouse or someone whom you’re in a relationship with.

Typically, a TRO is slapped against someone who threatens your safety. Say, if that person constantly threatens or hurts you, your children, or your loved ones.

However, you can file for a civil harassment restraint order which is another form of TRO. You can ask for assistance from your local court or top-rated divorce lawyers to determine which of the two types of restraint orders to file.

What to consider in filing for a TRO

If you believe your safety is at risk because of an ex or current spouse, better file a restraining order before it’s too late. Here are steps you need to do to file a TRO against a person threatening your peace and safety.

File the petition for TRO in your respective county court.

There are online forms available that you can download if you want to file for a TRO petition. You can do your research and check out your respective county court’s website. Or visit the county court (if allowed) so you can get the forms in person.

State the TRO details.

Make sure to state the situation in detail and justify why you are filing the TRO. Seek assistance about the filing process if necessary. The judge might also ask a couple of questions before signing the form.

Seek assistance from reliable legal experts.
If you are not sure, you can seek legal advice from reputable family lawyers in Fairfax VA. The good news is that filing for a TRO petition rooting from domestic violence is usually free of charge. Don’t delay – domestic violence is real and you need to get help especially if your safety is at risk.