Deciding to divorce your spouse is a tough choice. It is not easy to do especially if you have been married for decades. But just because you are married doesn’t mean you can be assured of a happy marriage. Unfortunately, a lot of marriages around the world end up in divorce.

If you are planning a divorce, you need to hire the best divorce lawyers around. You can expect the entire divorce process to be tedious, even stressful. It can be more complicated especially if there are properties and children involved. It will only be two things: either your divorce is granted or not.

Your divorce petition is not granted. What’s next?

There are several possible reasons why a lot of married couples end up in divorce. Some of the most common grounds for divorce include:

You might belong to one of the above-mentioned categories. You also hired top-rated divorce lawyers to help you. That means there is a huge chance that your divorce petition will be granted by the court. But then, it didn’t. Why?

There are several instances wherein the court does not grant the divorce, usually due to insufficient pieces of evidence. It can be stressful to find out that your divorce petition has not been granted.

Family lawyers can guide and offer advice on the next steps. As mentioned, the entire process might take some time. But with proper guidance and sufficient evidence, you will eventually be granted the divorce you’ve been waiting for.

Common reasons why divorce petitions are denied

It can be frustrating to find that your divorce petition has been denied. It can be one of the following reasons. Better yet, you should hire family lawyers to help you with this situation.

Procedural mishap

Some examples of a procedural mishap include:

  • Missing an important court form as part of the divorce filing requirement
  • The improper serving of divorce papers to your spouse
  • Not providing details during the filing
  • Not meeting residency requirement for a divorce filing in the state where you filed it

Unresolved child-related issues

The court would most likely not grant the divorce if the spouses are not able to resolve their child-related issues including custody and financial support. Child support lawyers should help you resolve these kinds of issues. Or in some cases, you might have to hire a mediator so both parties could meet in the middle.


Your divorce may also not be denied if there is deceit on your part to get one to your advantage. For example, the spouse claims that the reason for filing for divorce is because of the other party’s infidelity, violence, etc. to get money and other assets from the latter. The judge can deny the petition for divorce if there is not sufficient evidence of the claims. Fraud is not as common as a reason for divorce denial as the others.

Avoiding divorce denials

Divorce can be tough, but most of the time necessary. It can be a way to free yourself from a distressing marriage. But as mentioned, there is still a possibility that your divorce petition may be denied. That is why you should hire the best divorce lawyers to ensure a successful filing. On a positive note, there are ways to avoid being denied your divorce petition.

File for an appeal.

Your pieces of evidence might not be enough that led to the rejection of your divorce petition. But you can still file for an appeal. Consider finding reliable witnesses to help verify your claims. Hire trusted lawyers to help you in this case. Review your grounds and ensure it is strong enough to support your filing.

Consider a new ground.

If the reason for the divorce you are claiming the first time is denied, consider filing a new case with a different ground. In this case, you would want to work with professionals to help you with the case.

Dealing with a divorce petition denial

It is not the end of it if you are denied the divorce. Sure, you have already been through a lot and end up not being granted the divorce. But there are still ways to deal with the rejection and get the result you wanted to hear for the longest time.

You can turn to the top-rated divorce lawyers in Fairfax VA for your divorce concerns. As they say, there is time for everything. It may not be now, but you’ll get there eventually.