Going through a divorce is not a fun thing, and so is attending court hearings. Also, everything else that goes in between is not something to look forward to, either. Hiring the best divorce lawyers is also a must to help you navigate the complicated process of divorce. At the end of the day, you want to be granted the divorce you longed for a long time.

In life, we need to create a good impression in front of other people. The same goes when you are attending court hearings. This includes knowing what to wear and paying attention to your demeanor inside the courthouse. These are ways that can make your voice heard and the odds in your favor.

Does your attire even matter when you’re in court?

Have you seen family lawyers or top-rated divorce lawyers in casual clothing during court hearings? All of them are in their best suits every court session. You might not question their attires while they are in court because it’s part of their job. How about you? Do you pay attention to what you wear especially if you are on a court?

For most people, what they wear in court should be the least of their concern. Their statements are way more important that their outfit… or so they thought. In reality, your outfit can make a lot of difference when you are in court.

This doesn’t mean that judges “judge” people based on their looks but more on their credibility as a person. One major factor that can affect a person’s credibility is most likely their appearance. In reality, you are more likely “believable” if you’re wearing a formal suit rather than when you are wearing torn pants and a band shirt.

At the end of the day, it is all part of the judges’ job – to determine one’s credibility based on the person’s aura. Also, dressing in court accordingly is a sign of respect not only to the judge but also to the entire court. So whether you like it or not, you need to pay attention to your court get-up.

What happens if you do not dress appropriately in court?

By then, divorce lawyers should be advising their clients what to wear in court. Unfortunately, some people don’t care heeding such simple advice. One man from New Jersey, who was attempting to regain visitation rights with his son, wore a Nazi uniform in court. The man said that judges look “within” and not on what the person wears. As expected, the man did not get the visitation rights he wanted.

Another man tried for domestic violence reportedly wore an expletive statement shirt in court. Family lawyers would be horrified to see their clients wearing such disrespectful outfits. But sometimes, they do happen in real life – such as these two men.

In reality, first impressions last. Those who look good are more likely to get what they want in life than those who look “average”. Those who are well-dressed are deemed to be more successful and confident in life. So if you are going to a divorce court, it is better to level up and put your best foot forward out there.

So, what should you NOT wear in court?

Unfortunately, even the best divorce lawyers in the land won’t be able to influence the outcome of your case regardless of your appearance. Unfair as it may seem, but it is the reality. That said, what should you not wear during court hearings?

It is recommended to wear something formal or business-like… like when you are attending the most important business meeting of your life. Any kind of outfit that does not fall under that category should not be worn during court hearings. Don’t forget to shave (if you have a beard) and keep your hair neat and slick.

To have an idea, here are some wardrobe that you should not wear in court.

  • Body-fit clothing
  • Provocative blouses that show cleavage
  • Fishnet stockings
  • Shorts/torn jeans
  • Sunglasses, caps, or hat (except headdresses worn as part of religious beliefs)
  • Slippers/sneakers/high-heels/boots


We all know that we should not be judged by how we look but what’s on the inside. But it is a different case during divorce hearings – or any court hearing for that matter. Remember, you are there for “business”, not to attend a music concert or the mall. Just remember what child support lawyers wear when they are in court sessions. For your divorce-related concerns, contact top-rated divorce lawyers in Fairfax VA.