The ongoing pandemic has changed how we live. Back then, we attend thousand-attendee music concerts, participate in public sports events, and have coffee dates with friends at your friendly-neighborhood café. Nowadays, it is almost always online ordering and deliveries, and take-out meals.

Even dealing with a divorce turned out differently especially during this pandemic. Divorce courts, divorce lawyers, or family lawyers learned to adapt to the current situation. For one thing, courts began utilizing videoconferencing software such as Zoom to accommodate legal concerns from clients and child support lawyers among a few.

Dealing with legal concerns online

Imagine how our life would be without Facebook Messenger, Skype, Zoom, and the like. Online classes would be impossible. Keeping in touch with friends and loved ones would be boring and less emotional, to say the least. In other words, videoconferencing has revolutionized the way we connect with people especially during this time.

Videoconferencing is very much helpful especially this time of the pandemic. Aside from online classes, legal courts have utilized Zoom and other similar videoconferencing apps for virtual hearings and even trials. It has made court attendance possible without going to the actual courthouse and risk contracting the virus.

Then again, everyone including the best divorce lawyers has to adjust to the new normal. That is, conducting legal consultations and participating in court hearings in a virtual setting. It can either be productive or stressful depending on how you arrange the entire virtual setup.

Tips for a successful virtual hearing/teleconsultation

We all have access to technology during this critical period of a pandemic. It’s a matter of how you are going to make it successful and go as smoothly as possible.

Ensure a stable internet connection.

We all know how important the internet is nowadays. More so, when we work at home, browsing through social media, and everything else in between. There are also videoconferencing apps available online that you can easily download. You can use these apps on your smartphone or your laptop anytime and anywhere.

However, it might be better to use a desktop or laptop when using videoconferencing apps during virtual court hearings. This is so that you can see on the wider screen better unlike when using a smartphone. More importantly, make sure to have a stable internet connection while the session is ongoing.

Log in your real name in Zoom or any videoconferencing apps you are going to use.

This is important so that you will be easily recognized once you enter the virtual hearing. Usually, you will be in a “waiting room” first before the host lets you into the virtual courtroom. By signing in with your real name, the host can easily identify you and let you in later on. Also, make sure to sign in on your scheduled time.

Take note of your background.

Zoom has virtual backgrounds that you can use during virtual meetings. On the one hand, it can make your background, well… interesting. However, virtual backgrounds can also be distracting when you move around.

Since the meeting is in a formal setting, avoid playing around with the background. Don’t you even dare try using a beach or an outer space background in your virtual hearings? Instead, use a neutral color as your backdrop. Better yet, none at all and make sure that your background is clean.

Other things to consider while in a Zoom court hearing

Remember that the judge and top-rated divorce lawyers will be there in the meeting as well. That is why it is important to make an impression during the meeting. Here are other things you need to do while in a virtual hearing.

Take note of the lighting and sound.

Some people use a ring light during Zoom meetings. Good lighting can make a lot of difference when you are in a virtual hearing. Also, make sure to find a quiet spot for your hearing, say, in a spare room or your bedroom. Unnecessary background noise will disrupt and annoy the judge and some of the top-rated divorce lawyers there.

Dress well!

A virtual hearing is still a court hearing, so you still have to look formal when you attend one. Wear something you would wear in an actual business meeting, and make sure to complete your get-up – yes, include pants or a skirt, too.

Know your virtual meeting etiquette.

When not talking, turn your mic to mute to lessen the background noise. There is also a raise hand option if you want to say something, then unmute so you can talk (unless you have a lawyer who would usually do the talking for you).


These are only some of the most important things you need to do while in a virtual court hearing. Imagine it as if you are in an actual court hearing. More importantly, you need to make a good impression and get the results that you want. Contact the best divorce lawyers in Fairfax VA for your divorce-related concerns.