It is said that divorce rates in the US are at 50 percent and rising – at least reported by several studies. For one thing, going through a divorce is anything but easy. Hiring divorce lawyers may not be cheap, either.

A divorce can also be one of the most stressful events any person can undergo in his or her lifetime. Hiring child support lawyers or spousal support lawyers might also be necessary especially if there are children and properties involved.

The truth about divorce rates in the US

Most of us have already read or heard that divorce rates in the US are at 50 percent as several studies reported. But what is true is that the US has the 6th highest divorce rate in the world, according to a report by the World Population Review.

The US state of Nevada also has the highest divorce rate according to the same aforementioned source. Followed by Oklahoma, Wyoming, Idaho, and Kentucky as part of the top 5. Getting married in Las Vegas (Nevada) is as easy as hiring divorce lawyers to end the marriage. Apparently, you can finalize your marriage in Nevada as fast as 10 days.

In reality, the divorce rate in the US is safely around 40 to 50 percent. Interestingly though, divorce in the US dropped significantly from its peak back in the ’70s and ’80s. Nonetheless, divorce and hiring top rated divorce lawyers has become a normal thing not only in the US but also in many countries around the world.

So, why are divorce rates in the US high?

There is no definite answer to this question. One obvious reason is that divorce is common and easy to do now. Women nowadays were also given power and the right to walk away from an unhappy, unsatisfying, or even violent marriage through a divorce.

Back then, divorce is often looked down upon. Especially if you live in a highly religious community, people would often look down on divorcees and often experience shaming and unaccepted. Nowadays, there is no more of that social stigma that comes with being a “divorcee”.

Then there are “no-fault” and “at-fault” types of divorce. Now, you can divorce your spouse due to reasons aside from abuse and infidelity. As the name suggests, you do not blame your spouse nor yourself if the divorce is “no-fault”. If you do not feel that the marriage is thriving anymore, you can hire divorce attorneys to settle the complicated and tedious divorce process.

And then there are also a lot of celebrities who end up with a highly-publicized divorce. More often than not, a lot of us would be even surprised that a popular Hollywood celebrity would last for at least a decade of marriage.

Not to mention mainstream media often romanticize marriage and love and how relationships should start and last. As a result, a lot of people expect their love stories to have a happy ending. Not realizing that their dream wedding is just the beginning of the ups and downs of married life.

Can a separation lessen the chances of divorce?

It may depend on the couples’ circumstances. For example, the couple will likely be able to reunite if they decide to separate and work on their differences. Otherwise, the couple will be among the 80 percent of separations that eventually lead to a divorce.

If there is no intention or hopes of a reconciliation, then separation may not be a good thing. Separation should be thought of carefully as it will make or break your relationship, whether you will end up in divorce or not. You can also consult family lawyers to help you with the next step of separation (or divorce later on).


Going through a divorce is no easy task. But on a positive note, divorce may be easier to file nowadays. Although no one wants their marriages to fail, later on, at least society has somehow become accepting of people who went through it. For one thing, everyone deserves a happy and fulfilling marriage.

However, not everyone can have that kind of marriage but rather the opposite of it. That is why there is the option of divorce: a way to get out of an unhappy and unfruitful marriage. But it will also involve several factors such as child custody, financial support, asset and property distribution, and so. You also have to hire the best divorce lawyers in Fairfax VA to help you navigate through the divorce process.