Divorce can be a painful reality for many couples. For one, they have to deal with the tedious process of divorce settlements. Divorcing couples can also expect that the entire process can take some time. In such cases, you can hire divorce lawyers who will serve as a guide for the complicated process of divorce.

Divorcing couples should also consider certain conditions when it comes to spousal support or alimony. Spousal support lawyers can help you settle those concerns. For one thing, it can help the dependent spouse live a decent life following a divorce and start life anew.

Qualifications of spousal support

If you are earning more than the other spouse, chances are you will be the one responsible for allotting alimony to the spouse. However, this may more likely apply if you and your spouse have been married for years. On the contrary, alimony may not be awarded for couples who have only been married for a short time, or if both of you earn the same amount of wage every month.

You can consult family lawyers to have a better understanding of alimony. However, spousal support may be modified depending on the dependent spouse’s financial situation. For example, the court may order to cease providing alimony if the dependent spouses are in a relationship with someone who is currently providing financial support to them.

Another exemption to alimony is when the financially-capable ex-spouse encountered financial problems. Providing alimony may also be either temporary or permanent. For example, temporary spousal support may be given so that the dependent spouse can have the chance to get a job, support their children, or get higher education. On the other hand, permanent spousal support may be given to a spouse who is too old to earn for him/herself or is disabled.

Back then, alimony is being given to male spouses to their ex-wives. However, a recent survey revealed that more and more female spouses provide alimony to their ex-husbands instead of the other way around. Times have already changed; in fact, more women become the breadwinner while the husbands stay home and take care of the household. That said, it may only make sense that these financially-capable wives, although out of the norm, may be ordered to provide alimony to their financially-dependent husbands.

Alimony payment procedures

For one, the payment should be either in cash or check forms. Other forms of payments apart from the aforementioned payment options are not allowed. Also, the payment procedure should be indicated in a written or the divorce agreement.

Payments given before the divorce occurred will not be considered. Also, alimony will not be given if the spouses are still living under the same roof. Lastly, alimony will cease when one of the spouses remarries or dies.

Types of alimony

Spousal support lawyers can guide you with the run-throughs of alimony. There are actually different types of alimony, which are the following:

Temporary alimony

This is also referred to as “pendente lite” and is usually awarded if the divorce is not yet final. It will cease depending on the situation, such as when the couple decides to reconcile or if the other spouse has entered into a new relationship with someone who is willing to provide financially.

Permanent alimony

It is usually given if the divorce is final and until one of the spouses die. However, it will still depend on each spouse’s financial situation.

Rehabilitative alimony

It may be similar to temporary alimony, only that this will be provided to help the other spouse become self-sufficient. Once the spouse gets a stable job, the alimony ceases.

Lump sum alimony

It involves paying a fixed amount of money in a single transaction or through a series of installments. It can be applied if both spouses want to cut ties with each other quickly and for good.

Reimbursement alimony

It refers to the reimbursement of all expenses incurred by the other spouse. For example, you can request for reimbursement alimony if you have spent a fortune to help your then-spouse build a business or finish a university degree.

What if the spouse refuses to pay alimony?

For one, you should consult family lawyers if your spouse does not want to pay alimony even if it is already ordered by the court. Legal actions can be done so that the order will be strictly imposed. If the spouse still refuses to pay, he or she can be jailed to show that the court means serious business.

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