Are you a woman and you feel that your marriage is over and wondering what a woman should do before divorce? Well, there are plenty of things you should do with some of the common ones being:

Talk to an attorney

If you are certain that it’s time to move on with your life, you shouldn’t embark on the journey by yourself—talk to divorce lawyers to guide you on what to do and understand your options.

Divorce is highly emotional, so it’s vital that you have someone to walk the journey with.

When you begin the divorce process, it can go two ways: your spouse can agree to it, and the terms you put forward, or they might contest it.

The attorney will help you prepare for either outcome. If your spouse agrees to a non-contested divorce, the attorney will help you draft the necessary documents and ensure that the share of the property is fair and you get what you deserve.

On the other hand, if your spouse decides to contest the divorce, your attorney will represent you in court and fight for you.

Due to the gravity of your situation, you shouldn’t hire just any attorney—take time to research and find the right one for you. One of the best places to begin your research is from friends and relatives. Do you have a friend or family that recently went through a divorce? Ask them to recommend their attorney.

If you have no one to ask for referrals, do your research and interview as many attorneys as possible. Settle with an experienced lawyer that knows what they are doing.

Gather the necessary documents

Divorce often involves separating the property, so you should know what you have and what can be separated.

To have a clear picture of what you have, gather the bank statements, investment accounts, mortgage statements, retirement accounts, tax returns, and load documents.

Some people try to hide their property so that they don’t share it with their partners but don’t do this as you will be putting yourself in trouble should the court find out you are doing it.

At the same time, you should keep an eye on the transactions of your ex so that they don’t try to hide anything from you.

If you feel that your partner is doing something shady or hiding something from you, consider hiring an investigator.

Cut your expenses

Divorce can be expensive, especially if it’s contested and drags on for a long time. Also, if your partner was chipping in on your expenses and you have started the divorce process, they might stop making the payments, and you are left on your own.

You don’t want to think about the emotional turmoil that comes with divorce and the financial constraints, do you? So to ensure that you can still pay your bills throughout the divorce process, consider cutting your expenses.

Sit, assess your situation and make plans of the areas that you can cut on. If you aren’t sure about the numbers or what you should prioritize, get the input of a professional.

Read more on divorce.

Even if you have hired the best divorce lawyers Fairfax VA, you shouldn’t go through the divorce process blindly. Take time to read on the topic and understand as much as possible about the process. You should understand the various type of divorce, your rights, and obligations, what you can get from the divorce as a woman, how to take care of the children after the divorce, among many other things.

Thankfully, there are plenty of places you can find this information. Internet, libraries, bookstores, and even consulting your attorney are some of the ways to get valuable information.