If you are wondering what are the best grounds for divorce, you must be thinking about having a divorce, but aren’t sure that you will get it, right?

For you and your family lawyers to get your divorce you need to have legally acceptable reasons and they include:

Repeated cheating

It’s normal for people to fall from time to time and one infidelity doesn’t mean that a marriage is over and you should rush to court and file for a divorce.

If you still want to be together, you can work on the relationship and make it stronger.

While this is the case, repeated infidelities or proof of an ongoing affair is a strong reason to divorce. Some courts even term it emotional abuse.

For you to get divorce, you need to have proof that your partner has been cheating on you. These can be pictures, videos, or any other reliable source of evidence.


Control is termed as abuse and you have a strong ground to be granted a divorce if there is enough proof of control.

If your spouse tries to control your behavior, finances, friends, or activities, you can file for divorce, and you are awarded.

Mistreatment of children

Either parent can mistreat the children in different ways. It can be in form of punishment or even sexual. Regardless of the manner of abuse, you should act with haste and remove yourself and the children from contact with the abusive partner.

Remember that for you to be granted the divorce you need to have proof of abuse. This can be a psychiatrist taking the stand, photos, or even videos of the abuse.


Although addictions can be fought and overcome, some people don’t put effort into fighting them and they end up being harmful not only to them but to the people around them.

If your partner has a gambling, drug, alcohol, or any other problem that harms you, the children, or any other family member, you have a good reason to ask for a divorce.

Most courts will ask you to first seek professional help before you go the divorce route so you should try this. Talk to your partner and get them professional help before you head to the court.

This way you have strong proof that you have tried seeking help for them but they aren’t ready to work on themselves.

Physical violence

When many people think about physical violence, they think about someone hitting them, but it’s not limited to this. You can be physically violated if your partner is blocking you from accessing the necessary medical care or forcing you to make decisions about your fertility.

Like the other situations above, you need to show evidence of physical abuse for you to be granted a divorce.

Unchecked mental disorder

Like addictions, mental disorders can be managed and the affected person continues living a healthy life. But if the condition isn’t checked, it can be too much for marriage, and it’s best you part ways to protect yourself.

Of course, you should try getting help for them but if the situation isn’t getting better and it’s damaging your mental, emotional or physical health, let your partner work on their issues on their own and only consider getting back with them once you feel safe and comfortable.

How should you proceed?

After you have decided to divorce your partner, you should get in touch with divorce lawyers Fairfax VA and they will help you in the next steps. The professionals will help you gather the necessary documents and proof that add more weight to your case.

For the best outcome, work with an experienced professional that has handled similar cases before.