Divorce isn’t easy, and this is not only due to the emotions involved, but also the obscene amounts of money you spend on it. You may also have to divide up the children and pets and do plenty of other things that can be highly uncomfortable for everyone involved.

Many people go into divorce without knowing what to do. Are you one of them? To help you out, here is advice given by divorce lawyers that you should follow to have a great time when going through a divorce:

Be civil to make the process faster and cheaper

Although it rarely happens, a couple will go to a lawyer’s office and tell them they want out. They will then proceed to sign the relevant papers, and in just a short time, the entire process is complete, and everyone is free to continue with their independent life.

In the majority of the cases, couples will disagree on almost anything, from who will have the kids on which days to the $20 painting they bought on their honeymoon.

You should note that while you feel you should get what is rightfully yours and you are entitled to, you shouldn’t fight over it, as it ends up being too costly.

As much as your attorney won’t tell you this, as they make less money when you do it, you should be civil about the process to make it fast and cheap. It will even be better if you can agree with your spouse before you find a lawyer so that all you will be doing by going to the attorney is to make it official.

Tell your attorney everything.

Some people have the impression that they can get away with hiding vital information from their attorneys. While it’s possible, it can sometimes backfire on your face, and you walk out of the divorce will less than you hoped.

If you have hidden money in offshore accounts or cheated in your marriage, let your attorney know beforehand. The last thing you want is for them to discover it in court while your spouse’s attorney is cross-examining you.

This means that you should answer all the questions your attorney asks regardless of how unrelated you deem them to be. Remember that an experienced attorney has been doing this for years, so they know all the areas to look out for.

To avoid complicating your case, tell them everything they need to know.

Divorce lawyers don’t represent your children.

By the time you are setting foot in court, your lawyer will have known how many kids you have, their names, birth dates, grades, and even if they have any medical needs. The attorney will also have discussed with you at length about the appropriate custodial arrangement for your children, but this doesn’t mean that they represent your children.

Your attorney won’t need to interview your children, and if there is an unusual circumstance in your custody case, the judge will interview the children or appoint a new attorney to represent your children’s best interests.

Your attorney’s role is to ensure you walk out with what you wanted—not represent your children, parents, siblings, and certainly not your overly involved best friend.

It doesn’t matter whether they cheated.

Most people have the impression that if they can prove that their spouses cheated, they will get a better deal, such as more assets, more spousal support, etc. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case.

Even if you have photos, videos, or any other form of evidence that a scoundrel stole your spouse, your case isn’t treated any different other than an irreconcilable difference.

The court won’t favor you simply because you were cheated on. You need to work with your family lawyers Fairfax VA and try to get the best deal possible.