For you to have a flawless divorce process, you should have the right team behind you. This includes the right divorce lawyers. If you have been feeling that your attorney is lacking in some areas, you should consider finding a new one. You might have the impression that hiring a new attorney means wasted money and time, but in some situations, you are better off with a new professional.

How do you know it’s time for a new lawyer? Here are signs to look out for:

Your attorney is a poor communicator

Parting ways with your partner is hard enough, so the last thing you want is having to follow up with your attorney. If your attorney won’t pick up your calls or doesn’t reply to your texts, you will have a hard time with them, so you are better off with a more responsive professional.

While most lawyers will be in court in the mornings and even sometimes the entire day when they are on trial, they should have a way of getting back to you and keeping the communication lines open—you shouldn’t feel like you are in darkness and you can’t reach your attorney.

Attorneys are busy, but they should return your calls or messages within 24 hours. If your attorney goes longer than this without communicating, it’s time for a new one.

You feel intimated

Lawyers, especially litigators, can be intimidating, and they should be. After all, you can’t be successful as an attorney if you can’t intimidate and outdo your opponent. Any attorney worth their salt should have impressive knowledge about the subject matter, be highly experienced, and have a court presence.

While this is the case, your attorney shouldn’t intimidate you. After all, you aren’t an opponent but on the same team.

It might be time to walk if you feel ignored or looked down on every time you are with your attorney.

Plenty of people have reported being verbally abused by their attorneys. Don’t let this happen to you. If you pick a negative vibe, it’s time to hire a new attorney. Remember, the attorney is working for you. Not the other way round.

The attorney doesn’t seem to know what they are doing

Divorce cases have plenty of moving parts. Besides keeping your emotions in check, you have to worry about spousal support, child support, and other things. As a layman, these are complicated issues, which is one of the primary reasons you have to get an attorney.

The attorney should make the work easy for you and give you peace of mind that you will get a fair hearing, but if the attorney doesn’t seem to know what they are doing and making your work harder, it might be time to get a new one.

The attorney you hire should be an expert in their area of expertise, and they should be guiding you on the right steps to follow.

Your attorney isn’t willing to work with your divorce team

Besides attorneys, it’s common for high net worth divorces to involve accountants, valuers, auditors, and other professionals. Your attorney is a pivotal member of your divorce team, and for you to get what you are looking for, the attorney needs to work with the other team members.

If your attorney is hostile to your accountant, auditor, or any other person on your team, it’s time to get a new attorney. You can’t have wrangles in your inside team and have a good outcome.

When hiring the next attorney, interview several family lawyers Fairfax VA and only work with a knowledgeable professional who is easy to work with and a team player.