Are you looking to have custody of your kids? Here are tips that will be of much help to you:


Before you even begin the process, it’s wise to put yourself in a position where you are ready to compromise on the custody of your children.

You should note that most people who have long child custody battles and spend fortunes on family lawyers want sole or full custody.

As you can imagine, every parent wants to spend time with their child, so when you want to have the child to yourself, the other parent is bound to fight back.

To avoid long-drawn court battles, put yourself in a position where you are ready to compromise, and instead of going for full or sole custody, go for joint custody.

This way, you avoid spending a fortune in court and airing your dirty linens in public and provide the child with a stable and safe environment to live in.

Prepare yourself thoroughly

If you feel that sole custody is the way to go, don’t go at it blindly—thoroughly prepare yourself for it, and as a rule of thumb, arm yourself with an experienced attorney. It’s also wise to take your time and understand the child custody laws in your state.

The court’s objective is to do what is best for your child, so as you make your case, ensure that you do it with the child in mind. Of course, you should package your case in such a way that you show that what you are providing is what would be best for the child. This includes providing the best environment for the child to thrive.

Sort your living situation

To increase your chances of getting custody of your children, you need to ensure that your living situation reflects your ability to provide a stable living environment.

This means that living in a hotel or sharing your cousin’s bachelor pad won’t cut it.

While courts are flexible about accommodations, be ready to show that you can provide a stable home with enough space for them.

If your spouse is the one occupying your family home, find a house close to theirs. The reason is that the court loves maintaining the status quo, so the less a child’s daily routine is disrupted, the better it is for them, and the higher the chances that you will get the custody you are looking for.

Have details about your kids

There is no way the court will give you custody if you know nothing about your kids. When you are in court, the court will ask you about your kids to determine how good of a parent you are.

As a rule of thumb, you should know as much about your kids as possible. If you are the father, you should know their ages, the name of their school, the name of their teacher, favorite hobbies, their friends, whether they have allergies, other medical conditions, and any other details.

The more you know about your child, the better, as it shows that you care about them and you don’t have a problem being their primary caregiver.

Work with your spouse.

As the court is giving you custody, it needs to know that neither of the parents will come in the way of the kids’ lives and try to make the other parent look bad.

Some people think they will look good as parents when they badmouth their spouses, but this isn’t the case. The bad you talk about your ex, the unsuitable you appear, so you should avoid talking bad about your ex.

Collaborate with your spouse and divorce lawyers Fairfax VA and present a concrete case that convinces the court to award you the custody you are after.