Are you going through a divorce and wondering what divorce lawyers can do for you? Well, there are plenty of things they can do. These things include:

Provide a shoulder to cry on

It goes without saying that divorce is a highly emotional period in anyone’s life, and you want someone you can talk to when you are going through it. In most cases, when your marriage ends, you feel abandoned.

A family attorney provides you with the emotional support you need during this time.

An ideal family attorney will give you their ear as you voice your concerns and fears.

Studies show that when someone is going through a difficult time, they aren’t necessarily looking for help but someone they can talk to. An ideal lawyer should be like this.

There is a debate as to whether you should hire a male or female divorce attorney. It doesn’t matter. The most important thing is to ensure that the attorney is compassionate. You don’t want to want to voice your concerns to someone that doesn’t care.

The attorney you hire also shouldn’t be too busy that they don’t have time for you—find an attorney who has time for you.

The attorney protects your rights to your children

Divorce tends to get highly complicated when there are children involved. This is because, besides the division of property, you also have to think about who will have custody of the children and how often each of the parents will have the children, among many other things.

One parent might try to keep the other out of the picture, but the attorney will always come in the way and ensure you are present in your kids’ lives.

Even if you don’t have custody, you should have visitation rights and be able to see your kids as often as possible.

Statistically, women are more likely to be given primary custody of the children. Even if you aren’t the primary caregiver, the attorney will ensure you have access to the kids.

The attorney will also help you secure primary custody if you have proof that the other parent isn’t good. For example, if you have evidence of drug abuse, you can present it in court as proof of why you feel you should be given primary custody.

The attorney will advocate for you.

Since they represent you, the attorney will advocate for you, a service you desperately need. The attorney will look out for you and ensure you don’t get the short end of the stick.

For example, if you have acquired a substantial amount of assets with your spouse, the attorney will be there for you to ensure that your spouse isn’t asking for far more than they are supposed to get.

The attorney will be your mouth.

While some divorcing couples are on good terms and freely talk, others don’t. It’s in situations like this when the attorney becomes your mouthpiece.

When you don’t see eye to eye with your ex-spouse, the attorney serves as a bridge and talks to your ex to voice your needs.

Help you make better decisions.

As mentioned, divorce is highly emotional, and it’s less likely for you to make clear and objective decisions when going through it. This is where family lawyers Fairfax VA come in.

The attorney ensures that you remain objective and make the right decisions. For example, you don’t communicate when you shouldn’t, you don’t hide assets like other people, and so on.

To increase the chances of always making the right decisions, hire an experienced attorney.