Although it’s always wise to work with your partner and ensure that your divorce process is fair and you reach an equitable resolution, there are several things you can do to ensure that you walk out of court with a better deal. Some of the things you can do, as given by divorce lawyers, include:

Establish a solid defense

You must work with your attorney and formulate a solid defense against your ex-spouse. This calls for you to collect as much evidence as possible, ensuring that you are armed and ready for anything your spouse can throw at you.

In a highly contested divorce, it’s normal for the opposing side to make outlandish claims. For example, your ex can say that you are physically abusive or don’t take care of your family. Of course, these claims might be frustrating, and they can sway the judge in your exe’s favor, especially if you aren’t prepared to counter them.

Together with your attorney, you should be ready with evidence to counter these claims and disapprove them. When you successfully do this, the judge will cast doubt on anything your ex will bring to the table, increasing the chances of walking out with a great deal.

Build an attack

Of course, the court will be aware of the grounds of divorce thanks to the initial separation documents presented at the beginning of the divorce proceedings, but you shouldn’t stop here.

It’s true that when you expertly explain the details during the trial with the evidence, you strengthen the case, which increases the chances of winning.

A good attack strategy is to capitalize on the weaknesses in the case. You also should consider any facts that you have. For example, if you have proof that your ex-partner is abusive physically, emotionally, or otherwise, present it in court.

Coming up with an attack strategy is highly effective in a child custody case. This is because you get to put your ex-spouse in lousy light, which makes them unappealing in the eyes of the law.

Come up with a compelling story.

The divorce case’s outcome depends on how good of a case you make and how believable and compelling the case is. This means that to get out of the divorce court with a great deal, you must come up with a great, believable, compelling story.

Remember that as much as you are coming up with a story, it needs to align with credible facts in the case. This means there should be no lies or conflicting details in the story, as having these will damage your reputation, increasing the chances of losing the case.

As mentioned above, you should work with your attorney to develop a compelling and factually correct story that will put you in good light.

Don’t try to revenge

Contentious divorces are usually packed with emotions that can result in you wanting to revenge and hurting your ex-partner. Other people even try to get everything from their ex-partners. This is wrong.

You should note that you often lose more than you should have when you try to revenge or pour anger on your partner.

The best way to go about it is to be gentle about it. Work with your family attorneys Fairfax VA to develop a solid case. If you feel that you are getting emotional every time you see your partner, avoid contacting them and instead communicate with them through your lawyer.

When hiring an attorney, ensure they are experienced, reputable, and know what they are doing. Don’t hire someone that will be a liability.