When going through a divorce, you want the process to be as fast as possible. And it’s possible to do it so that you avoid as much stress as possible. To help you out, here are ways to have a less complicated divorce: 

Work on a settlement.

When you are leaving your partner, it’s easy to be caught up with feelings and want to punish your partner as much as possible. Most people hire the best divorce lawyers to get the most from their partners.

While this might sound like an excellent idea, it isn’t. This is because it tends to lengthen the divorce process, making it too expensive. 

Instead of punishing your partner, consider what is most essential to you and place as many things as possible in the let it go bucket. 

The best way to do it is to reach an agreement that respects your and your family’s values.

It’s also a good idea to consider what’s essential to your partner. While you may not be concerned, you should be.

Due to the significant time and cost of divorce, almost 95% of divorce cases do not go to trial. To save some money, work with your spouse to reach an agreement.

When you have laser-focused priorities, you spend less time negotiating with your attorney, mediator, and other experts because you will know what is worth dealing with, what is a focus for your spouse, and what may be utilized as bargaining chips.

It can be hard to keep negotiating, so when one partner gives in to end the process, you might want to take what is on the table but don’t do it. 

This is because there’s a real chance that the deal won’t hold up over time. That means you could end up in court again, which would take longer and cost more money. 

As much as you want the process to end, you should ensure you have all the details you have agreed on paper. 

Have the right team by your side.

You are the CEO of your divorce, and it is very important to hire a great team. 

Talk to lawyers and other professionals whose views, communication styles, and work styles are similar to yours. 

Look into the people your soon-to-be ex has hired. That will be a big plus if your lawyers have worked well together and have similar styles.

If your spouse gets a bulldog lawyer, you will need a trial lawyer with much experience. If your spouse gets a lawyer known for being honest and fair, you can make the divorce process friendly even if the end of your marriage was not. 

Before meeting with a professional, ensure you have important financial papers like your credit report, retirement, and investment statements. 

If you could only get one thing, it would be a tax report because it has so much information. If you are organized from the start, you will get better help and be able to find the best lawyer faster. Slowing down at the beginning to get ready pays off later on.

Remember divorce is business

At the end of the day, you and your partner are in a court case. Even though feelings are running high, you must remember that this is a legal business deal. 

Put your feelings aside as much as you can. This will help you make the best decisions for your future.

Your lawyer and other professionals need to know how you and your partner interact, but remember that they charge by the minute for every email, text, Zoom call, phone call, etc. 

You need to make good use of their time. By making a bullet-point list of the most important facts and goals, you can keep your thoughts on track and make your interactions more efficient.

To save money on billable hours, make a deal with your partner. To determine if something is worth fighting for, you need to know your goals. 

Know what the rules are in your state. Could you get what you want when you go before a judge? On the other hand, do you have enough to reach your goals? If not, it might be worth it to keep talking.

Take the high road

It’s easy to say but very hard to always do. The most expensive words in a divorce are, But it’s the principle. Smart choices don’t have to go against your values.

Taking the high road lets you leave with your pride. You can’t control what assets you get, how much child support you acquire, or how your ex acts, but you can control how you go through the process. Be honest and respectful.

If you have children, remember that the goal is to be able to co-parent well. After some time, you won’t remember the specifics of the talks, but you will remember if you were honest and polite.

Get counseling help

If you or your kids need counseling help from a professional, get it. All of you are going through a tough time that can be hard to deal with alone.

Counseling will help you figure out why you were attracted to your ex-spouse in the first place. It can help you understand why you keep making the same mistakes in relationships and what you can do to change that. 

Divorce is like death, and it’s important to understand and feel sad about it.

Many people only work with divorce lawyers Fairfax VA, but this isn’t enough—you still need to work with a psychiatrist to guide you through the process. 

Just like when hiring an attorney, don’t hire just any—take time to hire the best and most experienced. 

The counseling service provider should have a proven track record. As a rule of thumb, avoid a cheap service provider as they might not give you the service you are after. In most cases, they even end up worsening the situation. 

Always take your time to find an experienced professional. They might be a little expensive, but they will be worth it.