Can You Get Financial Support Even If You and Your Ex are Not Married?

Back in the days, couples have to get married before they can be considered as husband and wife and have kids. Nowadays, it has become the norm for unmarried couples to live under one roof and bear children. Apparently, this kind of set-up, also called “domestic partnership” or “living-in”, is their way to test if [...]

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Important Things to Consider in Parenting Planning After a Divorce

As parents, taking care of your child(ren) can be a challenging yet fulfilling experience. Kids can frustrate you and even unleash the beast in you especially if they are acting out. But for some reason, children have their own way of expressing their love whether through words or through actions. The impact of divorce in [...]

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What Happens if Your Ex-Spouse Stops Giving Alimony?

One of the most important things divorcing couples have to settle is spousal support. Spouses can hire spousal support lawyers in such cases and discuss everything before the divorce will be deemed final. However, such agreements may not guarantee 100 percent compliance due to some reasons. It can be a frustrating moment when your ex-spouse [...]

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