What to Expect When You are Planning to Divorce in Later Life

Just when you think long-time married couples stay and grow old together, it doesn’t always happen. For some reason, their decades-long marriage still ends up in divorce. This can come as an utter shock among their closest friends and loved ones. The best divorce lawyers can help you with that, even if it is a [...]

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Double Trouble: How to Deal with Bankruptcy and Divorce

Divorce can be one of the most trying times in your married life – or rather, soon-to-be-ended married life. It can be stressful and even emotional to deal with a divorce. For one thing, you need to consider spousal and child support, asset and property distribution, and all those paperwork. In this kind of challenging [...]

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Are You Ready for a Divorce? Here are Crucial Signs That You Are

It would take some time to decide whether to go for divorce or give your marriage a second chance. If you choose the former, you also need to hire the best divorce lawyers to help you with the divorce process. You also need to toughen up and be ready for whatever might happen along the [...]

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Why Divorce Rate is High in the US

It is said that divorce rates in the US are at 50 percent and rising – at least reported by several studies. For one thing, going through a divorce is anything but easy. Hiring divorce lawyers may not be cheap, either. A divorce can also be one of the most stressful events any person can [...]

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Can a Divorce Create an Impact on Personal Injury Settlement?

There are a lot of things to consider when planning to divorce. For one, you need to hire the best divorce lawyers to help you with your case. Child support lawyers will also help you deal with child-related concerns during and after the divorce settlement. Likewise, spousal support lawyers specialize in dealing with issues related [...]

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What Should You Include in a Pre-Nuptial Agreement?

For couples who are deeply in love, the last thing in their minds would be divorce. Why would they divorce in the first place if they are happy and contented with their marriage? Being in love is one of the best things in this world, and all couples look forward to spending their lives in [...]

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My Ex-Spouse is Putting My Child at Risk. How Can I Get Child Custody?

Undergoing a divorce process can be one of the most stressful, even depressing, moments for every couple. Soon-to-be-ex couples, rather. However, not only the couples go through emotional hard times but also the children. Parents would fight tooth and nail to be granted custody of their children. In such cases, soon-to-be-ex couples need to hire [...]

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What Happens If The Adoptive Parents Divorce?

Divorce not only is hard for the soon-to-be-ex couple but also especially the children. What more for children with adoptive parents? Adopted children may have gone through a lot to have a family they can call their own. Some of these children are adopted by a relative, while others by strangers. So imagine how heart-breaking [...]

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Tips to Remember When Attending Court Hearings via Zoom

The ongoing pandemic has changed how we live. Back then, we attend thousand-attendee music concerts, participate in public sports events, and have coffee dates with friends at your friendly-neighborhood café. Nowadays, it is almost always online ordering and deliveries, and take-out meals. Even dealing with a divorce turned out differently especially during this pandemic. Divorce [...]

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Divorce Court Attire: Does It Even Matter?

Going through a divorce is not a fun thing, and so is attending court hearings. Also, everything else that goes in between is not something to look forward to, either. Hiring the best divorce lawyers is also a must to help you navigate the complicated process of divorce. At the end of the day, you [...]

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