Breaking the Bad News: How to Tell Your Children You are Getting Divorced

When someone says “I have something very important to tell you”, you might feel uneasy. A lot of thoughts may have been running through your mind. Is there something wrong? Is there something that I should worry about? More oftentimes, you might be right. The dreaded moment What if you are the one in this [...]

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What Should I Look For in a Divorce Lawyer?

No couple would dream of getting a divorce after spending thousands of dollars on their dream wedding. Unfortunately, divorce is a common thing not only in the US but also in many parts of the world. While misunderstandings are normal in a marriage, some couples end up divorcing due to unsettled issues. In such cases, [...]

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Can Social Media Affect Divorce Proceedings?

Statistics reveal that there are more than 3 billion users of social media this year. Basically, it has taken over people’s lives for the past years or so. Even companies and organizations use social media to promote their business and other endeavors. In other words, social media has somehow become an important part of our [...]

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