How Front Liners Experience Struggles With Child Custody While Risking their Lives Amidst COVID-19

Last March, the World Health Organization declared what was then known as a novel form of coronavirus as a pandemic. Since then, it was officially called COVID-19 and will surely be included in history books. There is also no denying the fact of how it greatly affected our daily lives and the world we live [...]

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Helping Children Recover from Trauma Due to a Dysfunctional Family

Distressing events can be traumatic for anyone, children and adults alike. For one, a divorce can be a traumatic experience for soon-to-be-ex couples. From hiring divorce lawyers to dealing with all of the drama, going through a divorce can be anything but easy. There will be a lot of things to be considered. You may [...]

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What You Need to Know about Open Adoption

All families are unique. Some are childless, while others treat their pets as their own “children”. Some have one child, while others have a lot of children they could already form a basketball team. And then there are a lot of couples who long to have children but cannot due to some reason. There are [...]

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